Will the Cubs Win the World Series in 2016?


The Cubs winning the World Series in 2016 would be a dream come true for me. They have been working so hard to get where they are today in baseball. I believe there are many reasons to why the Chicago Cubs are favored to win it all but, mostly because they have what it takes in my opinion. I believe that the Cubs have had such a horrendous drought that it also makes it much more likely for them to win in 2016. Secondly, the Cubs team is second to none when it comes to not giving up. So in my opinion, the Chicago Cubs will be winning against the Dodgers to advance to the World Series and then will be winning the World Series against the American league team that they play.

It is funny to think that they have not won a championship seriesĀ in 108 years. That is an astronomical amount of years to wait and Cubbie fans such as myself truly bleed Cubby Blue. I have been with this team since I was born nearly 38 years ago. What is more interesting is that my grandfather was a fan of the Cubs his entire life and was born in 1919. He passed away in 2002 and his entire life he sat in front of that television and went to games never to see a World Series win by the Chicago Cubs team, but he never gave up hope.

It is my hope and my brothers that he sees this win come in from up above when it happens in the next few weeks. The players are absolutely amazing on this particular team and the games have been nail biting, to say the least from a grand slam homer in the 8th the other night and then another homer before the fans even got a chance to sit down on their seats again. The hitters are not the only part of the team that has been successful as the pitching staff has been something else as well.

There has been more than one game in the last two series so far that have been held by the pitchers themselves leaving the game virtually scoreless. There seems to be something about this can’t die spirit that is mystically floating above the Cubs and within the drive of the Cubs players. I truly believe they have the best chance yet to go to and win the World Series of Baseball.

If ironic circumstances avail the one major reason that the cubs will win this year is this. My son is going into the United States Air Force next year and was able to present the United States flag on the field at a Chicago Cubs home game this summer. He sat next to Anthony Rizzo in the dugout waiting to go out on the field. My son said by all accounts he was the nicest person and had a great conversation with him. He even handed my 17-year-old son a baseball to which my son didn’t want to trouble him by having him sign it. That in itself will be one of the reasons the Cubs win the World Series this year as life just always has a way of working out that way and it figures.

The other more important reason is the Chicago Cubs this year and last are one heck of a team and they are destined to win the World Series in 2016. I am sure both Eddie Vedder and Billy Murray would agree as we all bleed Chicago Cubs Blue. For any doubters out there the Cubs have this.

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